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This is Hangaren.eu



The hangar is situated at Ska-Edeby airfield in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden.


The profile of Ska-Edeby is vintage and we have lots of interesting machines, such as Tiger Moths, Austers, Harvards, JAKs, Cubs...


Inside the hangar you will for the moment find an Auster Mk V, a "nearly finished" Cassutt pylon racer, an Alfa Romeo GTV6 and a Ford F250 - a wide spread of nationalities. I have a tendency to collect "worth saving" machines :)


There is a workshop with a lot of tools, mostly for metal work.


My intention is to fill this site with information on friends aircraft, especially vintage and experimental (can you call them x-rated ;-) ?


Here's Ska-Edeby airfield homepage www.ska-edeby.se


Feel free to contact me on lars@hangaren.eu


Gallery at http://flyg.hangaren.eu


Blog at http://blog.hangaren.eu











Auster Mk V



Ägare: Lars Gustavsson

Basering: Ska-Edeby ESSE

Stockholm Sweden